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OFF Page SEO Tutorial for Beginners

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Off page Seo


OFF Page Seo Techniques in  2020

Are you fed up of making Backlinks and Your Website Not Ranked anywhere in Google. OFF Page Seo is completely Changed in the Past Few Years and we Need to Understand the Same in Deep Manner. This blog is specially made for those people who had question OFF Page SEO Tutorial for Beginners.

What is Off-Page SEO?

Off-page SEO refers to the Promotions that taken out-side of the website and it impacts on your rankings in SERPs (SERP = Search Engine Result Pages).

Off-page SEO has no relevance with website Coding – design and the technical part. It is Purely promotions apart from Website.

It is a type of promoting a website across all the internet channels like social sites, forum, directory submission, classified sites etc…

What is Material in Off-Page SEO

The algorithm of off-page SEO has become very different in today’s time because people have started taking advantage of it to make their website ranking on Google.
Off-Page Seo is also called OFF Site SEO and it Completely Depends on

  • Relevancy: Before making any backlink of your website on other sites, you should check the relevancy because Google first checks the relevancy. Google has given more importance to relevancy.
  • Effectiveness
  • Authority                       
  • Trustworthiness

What are Links and Its Impact on Website Ranking

Links are the anchored Texts by clicking on which you will redirected to the Linked page.

Organic / Natural links

Organic links are links taken from someone else’s website, blog, or social account, from where they are linked to your site. If anyone clicks on that link, it will redirect that link. If your content is trustworthy, then Google will also feel that this webpage has the right content. We should make the links the right way because Google also notices that the link that is made is not spamming.

For example, A Travel blogger adding a link to a post that points towards the Best Holiday Packages to Grab

Self Made Links

Self-made links are those links where we ask others to add a link to their website. The second way is to acquired through deliberate link-building activities.

This includes things like getting customers to link to your website

Types Of Backlinks

  • Do-follow backlinks

This type of link passes the authority of the linking page to the linked page.  This is also called the “link juice”. Google crawlers count these links and their anchor text when crawled. Do-follow backlinks directly affect your backlink profile.

  • No-follow backlinks

You will not get any Link Juice from No Follow Links. Google Crawlers will not be Passed through the Link and don’t get any Authority

How to do OFF Page SEO?


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