Lead Generation

DM Steps provides the best Lead Generation training for the Digital Marketing Professional as well as Business Owners to increase the growth of their career and their business. In Lead Generation is basically is the generation of customers interest or inquiry right into services or products for a company and generate the high number of leads. We are a well known Digital Marketing institute known for its job oriented courses & Lead generation services for the businesses, having branches Delhi, Dhanbad & Patna. We are offering course curriculum as per below.

Understanding Lead generation for business
Why lead generation in important
Understanding landing pages
Understanding thank you page
Landing page vs website
Best practice to create a landing page & thank you page
Practical Exercise – Creating landing page
Types of landing page
What is A/B TESTING & How to do A/B Testing?
Selecting Landing pages after A/B Testing
Converting leads into sales
Creating Lead nurturing strategy
Understanding Lead funnel
Steps in Lead Nurturing

Have still any doubts about why Lead Generation is the necessity for your Career or Business otherwise want to know more about Lead generation and our Digital Marketing Course. Don’t worry….Take a Class Room or Online Session on Digital Marketing and understand how it can help you in your business & Career. Please Feel Free to call us on 7011466766 or contact by dmstepsindia@gmail.com, if you have any further questions or concerns.